Ability Card
Description Using ESP to view energetic bodies, constructs, auras, energy systems, physical bodies, etc.
Prerequisites ESP - Clairvoyance (Optional.. highly recommended.), Linking, Recognizing Psi-Sigs.

Scanning TechniquesEdit


Method 1: 

  • Take out a deck of cards.
  • Put four cards in front of you.
  • Visualise tendrils of energy wrapping around one card (from your hands), and enveloping it in a very bright glow. Visualise the glow becoming greater.
  • Now, put the card with the other three and shuffle it, noting the card you charged.
  • Deal the cards face down in front of you.
  • Try 'feeling' the energy on the cards, if it feels hot, cold, repulsing, etc.
  • Once you've done this enough, try to mentally "look" at the card.

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