Ability Card
Clairvoyance eye
Description Perception outside of the senses.
Prerequisites Energy Manipulation (Optional), Linking, Recognizing Psi-Signatures (Recommended), Visualization

Any form of perception outside of the five physical senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, etc.). Includes all psychic forms of perception, for example, ‘pathy, precognition, remote viewing, scanning , etc.

ESP TypesEdit

ESP Types

Seeing things normally unseen to the human sense of sight.

Clairaudience Hearings things normally unheard to the human sense of hearing.


Smelling things that normally miss the human sense of smell.



Tasting things that normally are imperceptible to the human sense of taste.


Feeling things normally imperceptible to the human sense of touch.
Clairempathy Understanding emotions to the degree that a normal human can't.


"Knowing" something, an inner feeling, without any hint or stimuli. Commonly known as a "gut feeling".

Claircognizance is when intuitive information just pops into your head.

How to practice ESPEdit

General PracticeEdit


  1. Relax yourself.
  2. Count from 10 and clear your mind.

The PracticeEdit

  1. Close your eyes, and "find" your target. It's highly recommended to find your target rather than the vicinity of the target. It prevents you from having to fly around in the area.
  2. Pop the question. Mentally voice "Where is Bob the Pink Elephant?".
  3. After asking, immediately think of anything that connects you to the person. (eg. Bob the Elephant's face, Psionic Signature, and/or a feeling.)
  4. Immediately stop thinking about those connections, as AOL (Analytic Overlay) will make you see the connections (like a face) instead of the real thing.
  5. Wait for your subconscious to answer. It could take a while. Sometimes, if you're looking for say... a cellphone, the feeling can be either a direction (north), a place (Your sock drawer, or was it your pocket?), or a location ("Milky Way, Earth, Right Pants Pocket, Me.")
  6. After you've been answered, instruct your subconscious to "bring you there" or to "reveal it"